1. 2014 is the first year ever with ZERO platinum-certified records.

    These are fascinating times we are living in. Check out the full article on Death and Taxes.


  2. Shakey Graves performing “Dearly Departed” with Esme Patterson on Conan. He even broke out the Dracula voice.


  3. The talented Leif Podhajsky with another knockout design for Bonobo’s beautiful Flashlight EP. These two make a solid team.

    (via Leif Podhajsky)


  4. When performing, Irish musician Andrew Hozier-Byrne goes by his middle name alone, Hozier. Homeboy has a great voice and at 24 he already has a lovely assortment of songs. His first full length album “Hozier” was released September 19th of this year.

    See him perform below at NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concerts.

    (via NPR Music)


  5. Representing Providence, Rhode Island, rapper B. Dolan kicked off the release of his new mix tape with this really nice bluesy hip hop track called “Natural Born Trouble”.

    (via Potholes in my Blog)


  6. The Los Angeles based band Sea Wolf has been seeing a lot of playtime on my various music applications. If you ask me, it’s great music to listen to while you sit in a park on a blustery fall day and watch the leaves blow by. But nobody asked me.


  7. Some uplifting new music from Kendrick Lamar. Gotta love that Isley Brothers sample.

    (via Young California)


  8. Justin Townes Earle recently played The World Cafe. Listen to the whole show here.

    via NPR Music)


  9. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the Duke of Dreamy Gazes, the Sultan of Sexy Stares, the endlessly talented Shakey Graves will be playing Conan O’Brien tomorrow night at 11/10c. Be sure to tune in.

    Here’s Shakey playing “Christopher Columbus” at Pickathon a year ago August. Christopher Columbus… get it?


  10. Pigeons and Planes: A Guide to Bragging About Music Without Sounding Like an Ass Hole

    1. Avoid stating the fact directly.

    2. Pick and choose your battles.

    3. Post music all over social media.

    4. If you still feel the need to brag, limit the number of times you do so to as few as possible.

    5. Go to concerts and cheer extra loud when the artist is like, “This one’s for my day one fans!”

    Good stuff from Pigeons and Planes. See the full article here.


  11. This. Is amazing. 

    Chromeo teams up with online boutique SSENCE to bring you a new video for their song “Old 45’s”.

    It features cameos by Haim and the one and only, Napoleon Dynamite.



  12. Chet Faker had everyone singing along to this one last night in Portland.

    No Diggity. 


  13. Great pic of two solid percussionists. Just posted on Patrick Carney’s Instagram.


  14. Kendrick Lamar VS Tycho (Break Science Remix)

    It’s not earth-shattering but it’s not bad.

    (via The Classy Issue)


  15. Dance to the grooves of Chaz Bundick’s (Tory Y Moi) new project, Les Sins.