1. Much love, Minnesota.


  2. Basement Jaxx have just released a video for their new single “Never Say Never”. The video unveils the creation of the TWERK-BOT 1.0. Yea, you should probably watch for yourself.

    (via Gizmodo)


  3. Brooklyn, NY indie-dance band Rubblebucket has a new album coming out in August called “Survival Sounds”. They have released “Carousel Ride” and it’s pretty catchy. Curious to see how the rest of the album will sound.


  4. For some reason I thought the name of this band was Honcho and after a few curious google image searches realized that Honcho was in fact a gentleman’s gay pornography mag. How bout that.

    The band BRONCHO is a punk/garage-rock band out of the Sooner State. They got some good stuff. You should listen to it.

    "Class Historian" below is from their upcoming album "Just Enough Hip To Be A Woman" due out September 16th.


  5. Diplo and Swick Featuring TT The Artist & Lewis Cancut - Dat A Freak

    (via The Classy Issue)


  6. An excellent and very funky Tiny Desk Concert from the band “Moon Hooch”.

    "The band is saxophonists Mike Wilbur and Wenzl McGowen, and drummer James Muschler. They all studied in New York at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, and every single moment of every song I’ve ever seen them perform has been full throttle. They call their music "cave music," taking the best elements of electronica — the brutal stops, starts and shifts — and performing those unnaturally precise hairpin turns organically by blowing on horns and banging on drums. This for the boldness in all of us. Embrace Moon Hooch." - Bob Boilen

    (via NPR Music)


  7. Sudanese musician Sinkane will release his second album titled “Mean Love” later this fall. The two songs below “Hold Tight” and “How We Be” come from this new album and they are pretty dang tasty.



  9. That’s what I call a love song.


  10. Maryland represent! Gaithersburg, Maryland rapper Ace Cosgrove lays it down in a Pigeons and Planes interview.

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  11. New Alt-J video for “Hunger Of The Pine” from their upcoming album “This is All Yours” due out this Fall.

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  12. Timber Timbre’s video for “Beat The Drum Slowly”.

    (via The World’s Best Ever)


  13. See the strange new video from group of traveling gypsies, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. The song is called “Life is Hard”.

    (via Rolling Stone)


  14. Here is the exclusive preview of the new Drunk History series titled “American Music”. This preview features Kris Kristofferson’s first encounter with Johnny Cash. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

    (via Rolling Stone)


  15. Avett Brothers posters by Zeb Love.

    (via Inside the Rock Poster Frame)